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We Are A Turnkey Service Provider

Barger Tech's Food, Energy and/or Water services are designed, engineered, installed, monitored, maintained and financed meeting the sustainable demands of the FEWture.

We do NOT sell products or our technologies. We are a turnkey service provider.

If you have a need for any of our FEWture services, please contact us so we may work to provide you a solution.



Food = Environmentally Sustainable Livestock Production

Organic Waste Processing Plant - Lagoon Eliminator

The Organic Waste Processing Plant - Lagoon Eliminator is a centralized, environmental organic waste reclamation plant. Animal and/or Organic waste is processed and separated.   Millions of gallons of Clean Water are processed through the Lagoon Eliminator each day and can be made available where it’s needed most, or returned to the environment.

We take what some perceive as a problem that affected plants, animals, humans and the environment and turn it into an opportunity for multi-industry profit through the intelligent management and control of animal waste.


Turnkey Organic Waste Treatment

An aerial view of the Lagoon Eliminator. The Lagoon Eliminator represents decades of work from private and public entities.

Barger Tech patented a comprehensive process solution for organic waste management and treatment.

A sustainable solution to solve a decades old problem and turn it into an opportunity to manage organic waste, economically, from animal feeding operations.

Biogas Power Generation - CHP

The first step is production of renewable biogas from the anaerobic digestion process.

The engineering required to provide an optimal solution must be complete in the evaluation of ‘best practices’.

Solar powered anaerobic digestion is an example of this efficient and diverse engineering approach; gravity flow is another.

Organic Solids & Nutrients (NPK)

After digestion, liquid/solids are separated producing Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K), NPK commodities.

These constituents, both solely or mixed together, create organic fertilizer. Organic solids (soil additive) are also produced and can be applied to farm fields to enhance the soil.

Organic Solids and NPK are separated and reused.

Barger Energy - CHP

Our powerplants will power the future of ‘distributed generation and cogeneration.'

Barger powerplants are unique because they can be fueled by low cost biogas, landfill gas, natural gas, and other low cost fuels. When coupled to electric and thermal generators, we create the optimal solution for low cost, reliable power generation and cogeneration/CHP.

CHP or Combined Heat and Power is the use of an engine or power station to simultaneously generate electricity (kWh) and useful heat (BTU). In production of electricity, substantial Energy must be discarded as waste heat, but in cogeneration, this valuable thermal ‘waste’ Energy is harnessed and reused.

Our Energy – CHP Technology

Unique: Barger CHP powerplants range from 10kWh to 1MW of Energy output and are truly multi-fuel capable, have only three moving parts, require 1/8th of the maintenance costs relative to other engine technologies, have a small footprint, and produce low emissions.

Proven: Barger engines are the result of over forty years of research and development. Documentation supports that this technology is 'Ready For Deployment', after more than $200 Million dollars of investment.

Market Ready: The need for additional Energy sources is recognized and promoted by the US government, and countries throughout the world. Barger Energy - CHP delivers the ‘Best Benefits’ of an extended life, low cost, low maintenance power plant.

Multi - Fuel Diversity at its BEST!

Barger powerplants run on any liquid or gaseous fuel that is ignitable, with NO quality specification requirement!

Advanced or non-conventional fuels are gaining worldwide attention as part of a sustainable FEWture. Your choice of Energy efficiency or conservation planning can now include alternative or renewable fuels.

  • Agricultural Biogas: Livestock manures, waste feed, animal mortality, slaughterhouse waste, silage, etc.

  • Community Biogas: Food-processing, grocery stores, restaurants, and residential organic waste.

  • Landfill Gas: Bacterial decomposition and chemical reactions make great methane for years .

  • Waste Water Gas: Extracting the Energy from a city’s waste water treatment plant.


Water Creates, Empowers & Sustains Life!

Various Water treatment technologies are used based on the desired quality, and the geographic location.

 Barger has designed and patented specific Water treatment processes for agricultural reuse applications.

A few basic Water treatment technologies we use are below.

Media Filtration: A filter that uses a bed of sand, peat, or other material to filter Water for drinking, aquaculture, or irrigation.

Ultrafiltration: A simple procedure permits the clarification and disinfection of Water in a single step.

Reverse Osmosis: RO is a Water purification technology that removes ions, molecules, and larger particles from Water.

Ultra Violet: UV is aelectromagnetic radiation that kills living organisms (pathogens) in Water.


Super Flush On-Farm Water Treatment

The Super Flush system manages flush Water with its patented containment, filtration and wastewater treatment system.

Containerized Water Treatment

For human consumption or agricultural reuse, we are ready to deploy containers of waste Water and Water treatment technologies to locations requiring the benefits of proper Water treatment.

Water Creates, Empowers & Sustains Life!

Pathogen free Water is a MUST in all situations. Human consumption of water requires eliminating the living bacteria (pathogens) in the Water. For Agricultural reuse and/or recycling pathogen free water provides sustainable benefits including healthy animals, reduced odor, and clean waterways. 


Our FEWture Is Your Future!


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